Jacquemus logo in Cinema 4D

Final frame from animation

This was another project I was really excited about… I felt like I got a handle on practicing the software from last week’s Cinema 4D project, but I was sorely mistaken!

I began with the hope of animating one of my favorite luxury brand’s logos, Jacquemus. I found the official brand’s logo in a .png and followed steps to make it a file compatible on Cinema 4D. It had to be manipulated on Illustrator… and… basically, a lot of things occurred that didn’t end up working/couldn’t import to Cinema. I asked my wonderful colleague Mark for assistance… we troubleshot for a long time trying to figure out how to make the text import to Cinema, but it proved unsuccessful!

*I even made sure it was a vector and not a raster image…really wanting to figure this out still…I wonder if it’s a trademark issue? *

Again, I need to remember that each of these projects takes me at least half a day/many many hours to figure out if what I’m trying to accomplish is even possible with my skillset/what I could learn in the building process! I decided it wasn’t necessarily the most important thing to have the brand’s exact font for this project’s purpose.

I found a long but seemingly thorough tutorial about how to animate a logo in a really interesting way with all kinds of features I wanted to utilize. I began with a Motext and started experimenting with all the elements the tutorial was featuring. I ran into my first hurdle (like with all of these outdated tutorials where the features change/update) when I tried to do a linear falloff below my text to achieve a certain kind of effect. I couldn’t manipulate the feature for my purposes and it was really frustrating… I was already in too deep/spent a lot of time pivoting!

I then practiced using the materials/colors/luminance/reflectance/etc., and had a great time with those elements. I chose this color palette because I’m dying for summer (first and foremost), and some of Jacquemus’ most recent posts (among other brands) use these shades. So, I wanted this project/version of the brand’s logo to match their Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

I went back and forth playing around with my luminance knots and the render to see the various flickers on the logo. It was also interesting playing with the timing/setting keyframes to decide when/what singular aspects of the logo would animate. My next biggest problem that I ran into was with my cameras... I wanted to set my camera in a very specific way that I just could not achieve no matter what I tried. Spoiler alert — this aspect didn’t even end up mattering because I couldn’t see any camera feature I added in Aero anyway!

I continued to manipulate a lot of different elements of the logo including lighting, planes, reflections… basically, I feel pretty intimate with the Cinema 4D interface, to say the least. I also decided to make two final versions, because I couldn’t decide if I liked the feature of the floor or not… This floor/overall aesthetic/the feature of half the image in black/the text peaking out is current/trendy in this realm of the fashion industry. Directly below is one of the versions with the floor (following process shots and the final version at the end).

One of my biggest frustrations, (along with not being able to have a LOT of features I attempted to include on this project) was not being able to view my project on Aero. To be honest, I decided I was finished with this project many hours ago…but I’ve been pretty obsessed with trying to figure out how to successfully view this animated logo on Aero! I went back and forth with my exporting and other features to see where the issue was, but unfortunately, I remain unsuccessful for now…I am eager to find the solution though!

Adding various lighting features
Jacquemus final animated logo



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